Monday, January 04, 2010

$62,500 Police Cost Increase To Nanaimo Taxpayers

Province Increases PRIME Cost By 100%

It is reported in the local daily that the provincial government is increasing the cost of PRIME to local taxpayers by 100% effective this year. The fee will increase to $1,000 per officer from the present $500 per officer.

PRIME stands for Police Records Information Management Environment and was imposed on all police forces by the provincial government in 2003. This is the same record keeping system local RCMP say have increased their workload by some 30% since it was implemented.

As can be expected local politicians say they are shocked at the huge increase and that they will express their views to senior government, but we all know that is just more talk which will avail nothing.

Once more that poor old goose has a few more feathers removed ..... do you suppose it will ever start hissing??


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