Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Councillor Holdom Thinks 1% Tax Decrease 'Nickels & Dimes'

Councillor Holdom
Logic Flawed

If you listen to what Councillor Bill Holdom says at the Jan. 25/10 Council Meeting you can't help but wonder if he was very tired that night.

It seems the professor has forgotten that 'nickels and dimes' add up to dollars when you put enough of them together.

Councillor Bestwick proposed adopting other cost saving cuts which would have reduced this years taxes by nearly another 1%. His motion was supported by Kipp, Sherry and Pattje and defeated by Ruttan, Unger, Holdom, McNabb and Johnstone.

The reason Holdom offered for not supporting the motion was because he considered the items to be cut as 'nickels & dimes' and not worth supporting. He made some vague reference to dealing with 'larger' items if the budget was to be reduced.

Seems like only yesterday he was taking praise for holding the line on taxes by spending money that was in reserves, yet this year thinks a similar reduction in taxes as not worth supporting.

If you want to listen to the logic of those on council that would not support reducing your taxes by nearly 1%, go the the video archives of the meeting and advance the playback to 1:20:15/03:26:29. You can access the archives using this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Listen closely and you will see why these council members have no interest in holding the line on your taxes, regardless of what they say.

I realize that old fashioned thinking is not considered valid these days, but my wise old granny used to say 'take care of the pennies, and the dollars take care of themselves'.

Is anyone on council listening???


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