Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nanaimo Arts Council February Feature Show

'Digital PhotoArt with Pizzazz'
by Micki Findlay

The Nanaimo Arts Council is pleased to feature the work of Micki Findlay, Vancouver Island photographer, through the month of February.

The show is entitled ‘Digital PhotoArt with Pizzazz. Micki is an award-winning, creative, freestyle 'photo-artist' who has a passion for the arts. Her most cherished art forms include the theatre, music, jewelry design and computer graphics. She was to discover, later on in life, that she possessed a love for photography after receiving a digital camera from her husband. Micki has an excellent eye for artistic detail, while utilizing her computer graphic arts skills, she lovingly pours hours into her craft to perfect it, creating a contemporary, unique, artsy feel to her images.

Micki has a knack for bringing her images ‘to life’ with her post-processing techniques and use of vibrant colours. Micki notes, “Living on breathtaking Vancouver Island, I am never at a loss for inspiration”. Micki will be onsite, at the gallery, on Wednesday afternoons, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, throughout the month of February. For a preview of Micki Findlay's work use this LINK.

The Nanaimo Arts Council gallery is located at #259 in Nanaimo North - Town Centre mall. For more information call 250.729.3947 or visit


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