Thursday, January 28, 2010

RCMP Dog Services - Premiere Service Worldwide


Police Dog

Facts & Stats About Dogs & Handlers

  • A new dog handler requires a minimum of 750 hours or four months of training.
  • Today, multi-purpose dogs are German Shepherds and specialty narcotic dogs are Labrador retrievers
  • The RCMP Police Dog Service implemented an in-house breeding program in 1998. The RCMP Puppy Program located in Innisfail, Alberta produces on average 120 German Shepherd puppies a year from proven stock. Children across Canada name each of the dogs through the “Name the Puppy Contest”.
  • Over 50%, or 70, police dogs currently working in the RCMP were bred in RCMP Puppy Program.
  • Another 70 that were raised in the program are now with other agencies worldwide
  • Police Dogs can indicate a person up to 300 to 400 yards away.
  • The dog has a sense of smell that is a thousand times greater than that of humans. They only need one part per million of scent to get a detection.
  • A dog can search a car in approximately three minutes
  • Dogs can work up to four hours with rest intervals.
  • Currently, there are 125 RCMP dog teams across Canada
  • There are currently 79 Police Dog Teams across E Division (British Columbia) and 44 in the Lower Mainland which is integrated with the Abbotsford Police Department.
  • Healthy police service dogs cost less than $1,000 annually to maintain.


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