Friday, January 22, 2010

Things That Make You Say: Hmmmmmmm

More RCMP Needed For Nanaimo?

Recently the local RCMP Inspector told city hall we need more officers to give proper service to Nanaimo, where apparently the workload is higher than the provincial average.

One of the reasons given is the extra manpower it takes to comply with the PRIME reporting system put in place by the provincial government. It seems that paper work under the new system requires 30% more time resulting in more time pushing paper and less time available rendering services.

The task of attending fender benders has been taken from the RCMP and given to the local fire department as they attend accidents anyway and can handle the routine mishaps.

So considering the above, why can our local detachment send 24 officers which represents 16% of the force to help police the Olympics and according to local RCMP spokesman it will not affect policing levels in the city?


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