Monday, February 22, 2010

Canada vs US Diana Krall Plaza Fans

Those watching the Olympics on the BIG SCREEN were missing some of the real action on the harbour side of the plaza as these aspiring Olympians showed their skills in true Canadian tradition.
Diana Krall plaza drew a good crowd of the local hockey faithful under perfect weather conditions to cheer on Canada in the battle with the US men's hockey team.

Those who assembled had many shoulders to cry on as Canada lost to the US 5-3 in what was an exciting game to watch. The stats tell the story as the US goalie stopped 42 or 45 shots on goal while Canada's goalie let 4 of 22 pass him.

The first goal of the game was a deflection off of Crosby's stick in the earlier moments of the game. The Canadians held the puck for most of the third period but Miller proved to be their worst nightmare as he seems capable of stopping anything, (OK enough excuses).

The crowds at Diana Krall Plaza were treated to free popcorn, face painting and other fun stuff on what turned out to be a perfect day in downtown Nanaimo.


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