Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nanaimo City Council Make Fowl Decision

Sorry Fella' No Roosters Allowed

Ducks & Chickens OK Under New Bylaw

City Council passed a bylaw last night making it legal to keep a limited number of chickens and or ducks on small city lots.

Residents may keep a total of 4 such critters in any combination they choose, for example you may have 4 chickens and 0 ducks or 2 chickens and 2 ducks, get the idea?

Keepers of our feathered friends will have to keep their charges properly cooped and away from houses and maintain good levels of sanitation to avoid complaints from neighbours.

In the interest of reducing the noise factor, the poor old rooster is just out of luck. I guess city farmers will still have to depend on rural farmers for new chicks, as we all know Mr. Rooster has a part to play if you want new chicks.

Councillor Sherry raised the concern about the potential need for more bylaw officers to investigate future complaints, as his experience with foul on city lots has caused problems in the past.

Having raised chickens myself before, I don't see the need to restrict the number to four, as six or even twelve chickens don't really make much difference. They aren't really a noisy lot unless a fox gets into the chicken house and if you are going to keep four chickens sanitary you can keep twelve just as easily.

It was also noted that killing one of your flock for Sunday supper could not be done on the city lot.


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