Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Ceremony Malfunction

"But I checked it 12 times yesterday boss, honest!"

With the whole world watching what was a flawless show, the grand finale turned into a major embarrassment as one 'leg' of the Olympic cauldron refused to cooperate.

The officials were still able to ignite the indoor cauldron and then good old '99' braved the wet streets of Vancouver to ignite the outdoor version of the same thing. For a brief moment it looked like the flame was going to misfire as the flame seemed to dwindle as it approached the top.

But to everyone's relief the outdoor version worked just like it was supposed to. You can bet some of the technical staff 'will have some explainin' to do'.

Already the jokes have started the rounds on the internet:

"Don't blame Canadians for the cauldrun, they invented insulin not viagra."


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