Friday, February 19, 2010

South End Improvements Continue

30 Flowering Cherry Trees
To Enhance Haliburton Street

The South End Community Association continues to improve their neighbourhood with the help of city arborist Alan Kemp, BC Hydro and Trees Canada.

Alan was able to secure enough funds through BC Hydro and Trees Canada to add another 30 flowering cherry trees on Haliburton St. from Robins to Needham.

Part of the agreement is that the planting will be done by volunteer planters with the planting to take place around mid-March.

Other Nanaimo neighbourhoods could take some lessons from the SECA who clearly demonstrate a sense of community we all should cultivate.

For example, this Sunday Feb. 21 they are having a neighbourhood clean-up party to help spruce up their neighbourhood. They will be meeting at 2pm at MacDonalds and fanning out from there. Kudos to to the SECA for their neighbourhood involvement.


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