Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Build It And They Will Come??

Campbell River Cruise Ship Dock
Will Be Empty This Year!

The city of Campbell River has learned some hard facts about the cruise ship business this year. What they have learned is that if you spend $13 million to accommodate large cruise ships there is no guarantee they will come.

This year Campbell River is not on the list of scheduled stops for any of the cruise ships that ply BC waters. They say the cruise ship companies have decided to stop in Nanaimo instead this year. Sounds like good news for Nanaimo, but why is it an either/or proposition?
What happens in another year or two if the cruise ship bosses decide that the "onshore experience" in Victoria is preferable over Nanaimo and they decide not to stop here either? There is no more guarantee the cruise ships will favour Nanaimo in the future anymore than they favour Campbell River this year.

It is hoped the powers that be in Nanaimo are not pinning too much hope on the future economic contribution a cruise ship terminal will make to Nanaimo. It is no more certain than the conference business is proving to be.

Last year 10 large cruise ships visited Nanaimo, this year there are only 3 scheduled to stop in the Harbour City.


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