Tuesday, March 16, 2010

City of Nanaimo Requests Public Input

Public Input Invited
Economic Development Survey

The City of Nanaimo is undertaking an Economic Development Strategy Review to examine future economic opportunities and invite consultation from the public and business community. It has launched two surveys to gauge the key issues, concerns and opportunities for economic development in Nanaimo. Residents and businesses are encourage to take a short online survey designed to collect input which is intended to strengthen economic development in the community. The online surveys are available immediately via the City's homepage at www.nanaimo.ca and participants have until April 9, 2010 to complete the surveys.

To complete the 'Business Survey' Click on the above image.

To complete the 'Community Survey' click on the above image.

Editor's Note: Take the time to participate in these surveys and let city council know what you think. If you don't they will just continue doing what 'they' think is best, which is not always what is best for the community.


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