Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Councilor Bill Holdom Nanaimo

'Nickels and Dimes' 


Wants To Spend
Those Nickels and Dimes!

Last nights Nanaimo City Council meeting demonstrates once again why city staff are only content when they are spending your tax dollars.

It also demonstrated which members of Council see the benefit in watching the 'nickels and dimes.

For those who may have missed it, or forgotten, Councilor Holdom referred to reducing spending as only saving 'nickels and dimes' when Councilor Bestwick was pressing council to continue to cut the tax increase earlier this year.

At last night's council meeting, city staff was recommending spending nearly $6,000 to have Ipsos Reid conduct a survey in Nanaimo. The survey would have contacted 300 residents and basically would ask them how city council and city hall was doing these days. In total there were five questions on the survey.

City staff thought it was a great idea to spend the money and so did Councilor Holdom and Mayor Ruttan. The rest of council demonstrated what appears to be a genuine desire to get a handle on all spending regardless of how 'nickel and dime' the amount may be.

This council hardly needs the opinion of 300 people to tell them how they are doing, come next election, hopefully a whole lot of us will let them know what they think.

Remember, they did think that spending $500,000.00 on the golden handshake for Jerry Berry was a sound expenditure.


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