Thursday, March 04, 2010

Crime Doesn't Pay ? ? Ask Ian Thow

Steals $32,000,000.00

Gets 7 Years In Jail

Parole Eligible in 2 years

= $4.5 - $16 Million/ yr.

Ian Thow, Vancouver Island's own 'Ponzi King' has been sentenced to 7 years jail time with parole eligibility in as early as 24 months.

Considering he bilked 'investors' of homes, life savings and legitimate investments to the tune of $32 million, it would seem he did alright by himself. Any time you can 'earn' $4.5 - $16 million a year, you have made pretty good wages, I think.

So, where is the deterrent in this kind of sentencing? You could argue the harm he did was no less than what more 'serious' criminals inflict on their victims.

Apparently the only time Thow appeared upset in court was when he was ordered to submit a DNA sample. The sample will be banked, making future identification of this thief positive, should he turn to his wicked ways and try to avoid the law once again.


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