Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cruise Ship Terminal In Jeopardy?

Land Claim Could Stop Dock?

The local daily is reporting today that the new chief of the local band has filed a letter which could halt the development of the cruise ship terminal in the harbour.

The new chief ( a lawyer by trade ) apparently feels the development could infringe on some of their treaty rights.

The development stage of this $22 million project is well underway and it is expected they will be calling for tenders in the month of April. However, this latest development could prove to be the fly in the ointment.

Editor's Comment: It could be that stopping this project is not such a bad idea, since it would appear the cruise ship business is as reliable as the convention business. Last year Nanaimo hosted 10 large cruise ships and this year so far there are only 3 scheduled to visit Nanaimo.
Perhaps the business development gurus at city hall need to develop a different business strategy rather than "build it and they will come".


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