Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Victoria Police Excessive Force or What It Takes ?

Excessive Force By Victoria Police?

As a result of this video and the ensuing public outcry, the officers involved in this arrest in Victoria on Sunday night are now on a desk until an investigation is complete.
Most of us are repulsed and recoil from the sight of any real violence, but if we think that our police officers can keep the peace by asking drunken rowdies 'to just get along', we aren't dealing with reality.
What do you think, excessive or what it takes to get the job done?



  1. Holy, that is crap. Uncalled for brutality.

  2. Hey Dude .... did you notice the cops told the guy THREE times to put his hands behind his back?
    Do you think the cop wants to wait to see if the guy is going for a gun or knife in his waistband??
    Ever try breaking up a fight with a bunch of drunken idiots?
    Didn't think so!


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