Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lotus Pinnatus Unique To Nanaimo

Nanaimo's New Emblem?

The local group 'Friends of Harewood Plains' would like the City of Nanaimo to officially adopt this rare flower as our city emblem.

Apparently the plant is quite rare with about 80% of all plants in Canada growing within the city limits of Nanaimo.

The city parks, recreation and culture department are considering the matter and their report is expected back at city council in the not too distant future.

The Friends of Harewood Plains have raised about $50,000 which they use in their efforts to protect this unique bit of local flora. They removed 13 abandoned cars from the Harewood Plains area in order to improve the plants natural environment.

What do you think? Should Nanaimo have this flower alongside our bathtubs and Bastion?



  1. If we had 80% of the remainding polar bear population living around our city, we would not hesitate to try everything we can to protect them. Why should a little flower be treated differently, size doesn't matter or does it?

  2. A wildflower emblem for Nanaimo?
    Fantastic! We need to march into the future as a leader in the march to ecotourism and green industry. What better message to send than to pick one of the rarest flowers in Canada? We got it, we should be proud of it.

  3. a great idea for the city to lead forward in this new century with an new approach to our natural world. Let us cherish our own and hold it dear.

  4. to bad the people who founded nanaimo didnt think it was important enough to have a flower, and if they did would have had a flower from nanaimo instead of a flower from harewood which wasnt even part of nanaimo until 1976, and even then the people of harewood voted not to join nanaimo, just more revisionist history from unelected bureaucrats


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