Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Time Online Than Watching TV

Boob Tube Out Of First Place

Ipsos Reid conducted a survey which shows for the first time Canadians are spending more time online than in front of the TV.

On average Canadians spend 18 hours per week online compared with 16.9 hours viewing television. This represents an increase in both categories from the previous year, when 14.9 hours was spent online and 15.8 hours watching television.

Interestingly age plays a role in how we amuse or inform ourselves; 18 - 34 year olds spend 20 hrs. online, over 35 drops to 18 hrs. Those over 55 watch more television with the average increasing to 20 hours per week compared with 13 hrs. per week for those 18 - 34.

It would seem that the internet will do to television, what the television did to the radio.

Editor's Comment: Do you think we are any better off, more contented or really any smarter for having all this infotainment at our disposal?


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