Sunday, March 07, 2010

Piper's Lagoon Awash With Activity

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If You Love The Great Outdoors & Nature
You Will Love Piper's Lagoon Park

Local shutterbug Sheryl Falls visited Piper's Lagoon Park over the past two lovely days and captured the abundance of activity caused by a lowly little fish.

While Piper's Lagoon will always reward the visitor with it's natural beauty and wildlife, right now there is more than usual activity as a result of the herring spawn.

The first two photos show how the kelp, rocks and everything else is simply covered in herring spawn, which is not just a gourmet delight with our Asian friends.

The air is literally full of gulls and terns who are amazing to watch and wonder how they avoid mid air collisions in such massive traffic.

The Great Blue Heron, American Oyster Catcher, Golden Eye and Mallard Ducks, Canada Geese and Eagles (to name a few) had the airways covered while several seals could be seen offshore patrolling the waters.

The weather on Saturday was perfect and those who went to Piper's Lagoon were not disappointed.


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