Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beware Upset Woman Wanting to Use Phone

Scammer Preys On Good Samaritans
Townsite Area Victimized

If a mid 20's - early 30's woman comes to your door in a seemingly upset fashion wanting to use your phone .... look out!

Several good samaritans in the Townsite Rd., Bradley St. area have been victimized by this well groomed, well spoken individual. Once inside she will likely ask to use your washroom (if she does, don't expect to have any drugs left).

If there is anything of value sitting out, like your wallet, it will likely find it's way into her pocket before she leaves.

We personally had this woman come to our door last week in the middle of the day, and her story was to ask my wife if she would call her a cab. My wife was suspicious of this person, and her story and did not invite her in. The usual unsuspecting person might very well have invited the person in, as most good Samaritans want to help someone in distress.

The woman who came to our door was average height with blonde hair, wearing slacks and a hoodie. She definitely did not look like a spaced-out druggie. Clearly she is using her gender to disarm her victims and is preying on the unsuspecting who genuinely want to help someone in distress.

Hopefully, the police can get this person off the streets. In the meantime, forewarned is forearmed.


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