Monday, April 19, 2010

HST Deadline Looms In British Columbia

The provincial government is telling everyone how delightful the HST will be, and how it will have little impact on the average person. They claim it will solve the forest industry woes and bring renewed prosperity to BC's economy.

They also made deficit budgets illegal ... remember? It is doubtful that any numbers being thrown around right now are accurate, but I remember government saying the HST would remove about $1.3 billion from the backs of industry in this province. That of course means, that it is simply being shifted to Joe Taxpayer.

If government wants to help business, they could simply reduce the business tax rate and leave the rest of us alone. That of course means they would have to start spending within their means, which of course they seem incapable of doing.

The above article in today's Vancouver Sun shows the impact the HST is going to have on housing in the province.

If you haven't signed the Fight HST petition yet, you might want to seriously consider it. If you are among the number who support it, don't be surprised if it does not have any more benefit to the forest industry that a simple tax cut would have.


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