Monday, April 05, 2010

HST Fight Gets Underway In Nanaimo

First Nanaimo Petition Signing
Country Club Mall 
Apr. 9 (evening) Apr. 10 (all day)

If you are like many British Columbians and the move to bring in the HST is the last straw, and you have had it with the way politics is done in this country, you have the chance to do something about it!

The Fight the HST campaign, lead by the colorful Bill VanderZalm gets kicked off this coming Friday and Saturday in Nanaimo with the first public petition signing in Country Club Mall.

If you would like to volunteer to help collect signatures during the 90 day campaign you can volunteer at the Fight Against HST website using this LINK, and you will be put in touch with the local organizer.

Now's your chance to quit complaining and do something that can let all politicians know that 'enough is enough'.

To keep informed about things related to the HST visit HST Info using this LINK.


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