Monday, April 19, 2010

Nanaimoan? Nanaimoite? Or ???

What is the proper title 
for a Nanaimo resident ?

I recently had a query from a reader as to what is the proper reference to apply to a Nanaimo resident. They say they have seen Nanaimoan and Nanaimoite, but there is different spellings in the local media.

So, what do you think? Personally, I think we should perhaps consider using the new word Nanaimobarons! :^)



  1. It's Nanaimoan. As an example of other cities in a similar situation, folks in Chicago are Chicagoans, not Chicagoites. People in Orlando are Orlandoans, not Orlandoites. Toledo residents are Toledans, not Toledoites.

  2. What of London? They are neither Londonoans nor Londonites, but commonly called Londoners.
    Moscow residents are ??? How about Peterborough.
    Seems to me that some cities just don't lend themselves to either oans or ites.
    As for Nanaimo the Nanaimo Baron might just catch on.

  3. Flattered though I am at the Nanaimo Baron suggestion, this Baran points out that the "an" ending only applies to communities whose names end in "o."


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