Monday, May 03, 2010

Anti HST Petition Still Gathering Signators

Anti HST Petition At Woodgrove Mall

While there were not the same lineups to sign the Anti HST petition as with earlier signing days, there still was a steady stream of people adding their names to the petition.

Even though Campbell's Liberals have rammed through the legislation meaning some items are now being charged HST (effective May 1) the campaign to force a reversal of the HST is still gaining support.

It could be the HST is one of those straws that really has upset the camel. With many people struggling to make ends meet, the prospect of paying a 12% tax on previously exempt items is just too much!

The Liberals are claiming the average person will barely notice the new tax, however, if that were the case, why is there the mad rush to build and sell houses in time to beat the tax? Why is it said this will add as much as $200 to the cost of a funeral when the HST comes in?

If this is supposed to be so great for business, you can well imagine who it is that will be picking up the extra taxes, and the fact that the Liberals think we are too stupid to see that, is all the more aggravating.

The campaign to gather more signatures still has nearly 60 days to go, and while Nanaimo has already collected more than the required 10% it is clear that the campaigners and the general public want the government to sit up and pay attention.
The petition will be available to sign over the coming weeks at various locations around the city.


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