Monday, May 10, 2010

City Council Moves To Allow LED Signs

LED Sign On Convention Centre

A split council has decided to move ahead with a bylaw amendment which would allow LED (light emitting diode) signs anywhere in Nanaimo.

Last fall the council set aside the recommendation of their own sign committee which called for a complete prohibition on the potentially distracting signs. At that time a public survey showed a slight majority (52%) opposed to the signs.

Some of the limitations proposed that advertisements are not distracting to motorists (doesn't that defeat the purpose) or nearby residents. The size would also be limited to 100 square feet (that is 10 feet by 10 feet, not exactly tiny) and only one sign per road frontage with a maximum of 3 per property.

The sign on the Vancouver Island Convention Centre has been in use since it opened, but a store on Bowen Road using a much smaller sign was threatened with a substantial fine by bylaw enforcement officers last fall. Seems a little hypocritical?

Councillors Holdom and Pattje are not in support of LED signs.


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