Monday, May 10, 2010

City Staff Awards $5,000,000 Contract

Council Approves Award After The Fact

In another questionable handling of your tax dollars, city staff granted an unprecedented 5 year contract to an out of town company for waterworks supplies.

Only when faced with possible litigation did the council vote to accept the already granted tender.

If you did not see last night's council meeting, go online to the city website and watch the archived version using this LINK.

City staff have no authority to spend more than $250,000, which supposedly puts our council, in a position to have final oversight on large expenditures.

In this case, three city staff members granted a contract which would not likely have received council's approval had they been properly informed.

This city council seems willing to always roll over and play dead at the mere hint of litigation. That was one of the factors given by the Mayor as the reason for giving Mr. Berry $500,000 for doing nothing for two years.

When was that next election?


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