Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deer Cull Causes Controversy

Cute? Or Becoming a Real Pest?

The current 'trial balloons' being flown by those in government suggesting a deer cull is needed to control ever increasing deer herds in cities, is bringing opposing responses.

There are those who love to see a little bit of nature outside their front door, and others trying to grow gardens who would gladly kill all of them.

There is at least one facebook group now who are opposed to the deer cull and the expected emotional response is predictable. The thought that man should intervene to reduce herd numbers is distasteful to many, who seem to ignore that it is man's intervention that is creating the problem in the first place.

A short time ago local authorities were advising of how deer being fed unnatural diets were simply becoming sickly and dying as a result. There was a report of a dead deer in someone's garage which apparently had met just such an end.

On the up side, it is nice to see a bit of nature in our city, of course cougars and bears are also a part of that nature and I doubt we want to see them wandering about our streets. The deer do pose traffic hazards and in rutting season the bucks can get quite aggressive also. It is also likely that cougar will be attracted to their natural food source. Not long ago there was  report of a cougar eating it's kill (bambi) in someone's front yard in the Departure Bay area.

There is bound to be heated discussion on both sides of this issue but perhaps one solution would be to ban feeding deer and simply let them fend for themselves.



  1. Proper signage, fencing, and lower speed limits (along with police enforecment) has worked effectively in many cities to reduce deer collisions by up to ninety percent. BTW, I have never heard any reports, credible or otherwise, regarding bucks attacking Nanaimo humans. I will research this, however, and look into whether any evidence exists regarding increased cougar visitations in the city.

  2. The Deer Hunter31 May 2010 at 07:43

    A cougar was spotted today May 31 at Rock City School.
    Probably looking to invite Bambi for lunch!

  3. So if the deer are culled what the hell do you think the cougars who have a large existing habitant range are going to eat???
    The ignorance in our society of some people is positively astounding. Oh and I'm sure then the next big scream will be cull the cougars. Heaven forbid that anyone makes even the tiniest attempt at living in harmony with the environment.

  4. How exactly can I live in harmony with the deer, they don't seem to respect my desire to enjoy my roses, one of the few enjoyments I have left in life.
    No! An eight foot deer fence is hardly a solution.


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