Monday, May 31, 2010

Downtown Farmer's Market

 Downtown Farmer's Market

Friday afternoon at about 1:00pm the farmer's market downtown beside the Bastion was a pretty abandoned space.

Granted, the weather was miserable but merchants still outnumbered shoppers at least 2:1.

For all those people who have never tried a business venture of their own (ie: staff at city hall) this is an example of the 'other side' of being in business for yourself. Yes, you are independent, you are your own boss, you can work as many hours as you want for nothing and no one will bother you.

Next Friday, rain or shine, why not take an hour or so and help some local business folk. You might be surprised what treasures you find that you can't find at the local mall.


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  1. Lets all get out there and support the lcoal businesses at the local farmers markets. It's usually cheaper, you feel good about supporting your neighbours and it's healthy, too!


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