Thursday, May 27, 2010

G8 and G20 Costs YOU $1.1 BILLION

Security Cost For 3 Day Summit 

If the Canadian taxpayer wants an example of how governments on ALL levels keep throwing our money around they need look no further than the G8 and G20 summit we are hosting.

The total estimated expense (and of course we all believe that to be accurate as governments always know what things cost) for the three day summit is in excess of $1,100,000,000,00, so that world leaders can meet face to face and discuss the world's current economic woes.

At a time when frugality and belt tightening should be the order of the day our government is still throwing money around as if we had it to spend. To compare with other nations in previous years, the G20- summit in Sept. 2009 in Pittsburgh cost $18 million US, the G20 summit in London in April 2009 cost $30 million.

To put this whole 'summit' in perspective the G20 will get leaders of 20 countries together for 72 hours, the G8 gets 8 leaders together.

I really have to wonder if these guys have ever heard of tele-conferencing? Who really cares if these guys and gals are in town or not? We will never see them, and even if we did I doubt the average Canadian would care. This is the world's brain trust which oversaw the creation and execution of the current economic mess.

The fact they are all going to meet in my country for three days does little to boost my confidence in any of their abilities to do anything about the current situation.

So far all of these huge nations just keep throwing more play money at the problem thinking that will solve the matter. Sooner or later that play money becomes useless and then what?


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