Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Horse and Buggy Days Preferable?

The Cost of Oil?

The top photo shows one aspect of the Alberta tar sands oil extraction business, while the bottom photo shows a ship traveling through the oil slick presently in the Gulf of Mexico.

As ugly as the Alberta photo looks it is pale by comparison with the picture taken in the Gulf.

It seems that suddenly, politicians of different stripes are no longer so supportive of offshore oil drilling. With even local city council expressing their opinion in the local daily.

You have to wonder, if the safety measures which were supposed to be in place, had been hindered by penny pinching management types, or if just plain shoddy workmanship is responsible. The other alternative may simply be that these disasters WILL occur and is simply a hazard associated with our insatiable thirst for oil.

Could be the horse and buggy, tallow candles and wood stove, weren't such a primitive way to live after all.


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