Monday, May 10, 2010

More Canadians Using Internet

Nearly 22,000,000 Canadians
Use The Internet

The most recent data collected by Stats Canada indicates that more and more Canadians are going online and not simply to surf the web.

Email is still the most common use of the internet but more and more people are looking for health information, making retail purchases, doing their banking, managing their credit cards, watching television, downloading movies and keeping up with all levels of the news.

In 2007 73% of Canadians 16 and over were online, that number has increased to 80% in 2009 when the last survey was conducted.

British Columbia and Alberta continue to lead other provinces with internet use with 85% of their populations being online.

One reason for the increase is the number of households which are now using high speed connections, which incidentally is becoming less expensive all the time.

My own high speed internet over the years has decreased from $35.00 per month to $29.95 per month and the speed of service has more than doubled. To think, there was a time I couldn't figure out why anybody would want their own computer!


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