Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nanaimo Blog Readers Save Money!

Readers of This Blog Didn't
Pay For Parking On Sunday

Regular readers of Nanaimo Blog aka Nanaimo-Info-Blog.com knew that the parking at Bastion Street parkade was free all day on Sunday.

It does not seem to be a well known fact that the city does not charge for parking during 'special' events in the city. When I called both Robbins Parking and city hall last week to confirm Sunday was Free Parking, the staff weren't all that sure either.

In fact on Friday the staff at Robbins said there was no free parking on Sunday, and the city bylaw officer had to check and return my call also.

You will notice the lack of any type of sign indicating free parking on the one armed bandit that gives out parking vouchers. Seems the city would just as soon keep the Free Parking a secret also.

But it has now been shown that readers of this Blog SAVE MONEY, and I think they are probably smarter and better looking also. :^)


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