Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nanaimo Drivers Gouged Again!

Nanaimo Gas Prices Jump Again

At a time when crude oil prices continue to fall, Nanaimo drivers are once again being gouged by the gas giants.

I am sure they have some logical excuse this time, like perhaps the potato crop failure in Greece.

Or perhaps they have noticed the driving public is on to their usual scam of jacking the prices for the long weekend, so now this year they are raising prices a week earlier, so perhaps we won't notice!

Let these clowns know what you think, let your politicians know what you think, maybe we should start actually picketing some of these stations until they get the message!

Oh, yeah, I forgot this is Canada, and we don't get too excited about much of anything. Do we?

As a comparison in the nation's capital gas can still be purchased for as little as 93.9 at some stations.

This is the same industry which has been sucking up obscene profits in past years and clearly spent nothing developing a response which actually works in the case of an offshore blowout, such as is being experienced in the Gulf of Mexico presently.


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