Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nanaimo Graffiti A Growing Eyesore

Punks With Spray Bombs Aren't Artists
Just Common Vandals Plain and Simple

It seems the problem of graffiti is spreading around Nanaimo quicker than the swine flu ever did.

The notion that these vandals are just frustrated artists with no place to express their artistic ability seems a bit nonsensical to me. There is nothing artistic about 99% of the eyesores this bunch is responsible for. If they and their parents think they have this great repressed artistic gift just dying to get out, why don't they use their own houses, fences or garages as their canvas?

In the meantime these vandals are costing the local taxpayers thousands of dollars cleaning up their mess. Lots of public and private property is falling victim to these malcontents and the police don't seem to be able to catch any of them. At least I have never heard of any actually being caught.

Although with our Liberal justice system the poor little darlings would probably get a pat on the head and put into counseling to try and sort out what went wrong in their lives, which has caused such behavior.

Instead, they and their parents should be fined heavily to recover the costs they have inflicted on society, and then, they should be compelled to clean up these eyesores with a bucket of cleaner and a toothbrush.


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  1. I am a graffitI writer in Nanaimo and have been for about 7 years I was arrested in 2011 and I sure didnt get a pat on the head I was"fined heavily" we know what were doing isnt enjoyed by the masses pull your head out of your ass we vandalize property and are very aware of its negitive impact. A small percent of us however also paint murals and make money selling our art as ART.


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