Monday, May 03, 2010

The Old Maffeo Sutton Park

Google Aerial View Of Old Maffeo Sutton Park

Google earth clearly has not updated it's Nanaimo space shot for quite sometime and still shows what Maffeo Sutton Park used to look like. Remember the old arena? Remember lacrosse games on a warm night? Or a Clipper's game on a cold one?

How about those colorful trees that lined the parking lot in the fall? The smell of hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy on a warm summer's eve? Remember, the whole thing was paid for, right down to the new roof on the arena?

So, what may I ask was wrong with the OLD Maffeo Sutton Park anyway? The new one of course has more wide open space, what with the arena gone and all. More room for people, and less room for cars, which may be a good thing if people can still park someplace when they do come down.

What do you think about the decision to not allow hot dog, ice cream and other 'soul food' vendors to peddle their wares in the park anymore?  I don't remember casting a ballot that said I wanted some nameless, faceless member of city hall staff making the decision of whether I could buy a stinking hot dog if I wanted to.

They may be surprised to find that the vendors who are limited to the 'healthy' menu will have a hard time making any money when they find the market for tofu burgers and barley grass juice just doesn't compare with the market for some good old Canadian junk food. But then again, the people working at city hall, have long since proven their ineptness at running a business.

I wonder if that was their hard earned money they were so casually spending, and if their futures depended on the success of the tofu burger stand, would they perhaps seek some sound business advice before going off half cocked?

People who know how to make money and run successful businesses, can seldom be found on city council or at city hall. I wonder, when they got the idea they were supposed to be providing all these 'extras' and forgot to stick to their levels of competence and limit spending to what taxpayers, want  and can afford.

The whole world is a stage, and the actors warming up for the next act are just getting started!

So, is Maffeo Sutton Park any better now, that you can stroll on acres and acres of bricks?


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