Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday Morning At Nanaimo Harbour

Fish Boat from Prince Rupert gets underway early Sunday morning from the inner harbour.
Canadian Coast Guard Vessel tied up at the visitor's pier in Nanaimo's inner harbour.

The 'Captain T' at the assembly wharf with a huge load of raw logs.

Nanaimo Harbour Has Varied Visitors

While no longer the hub of bustling activity it once was, the Port of Nanaimo still plays host to a variety of seagoing visitors. A sampling of these mariners is shown in the pictures above taken on Sunday morning past.

The top picture is that of a fish boat out of Prince Rupert getting underway first thing in the morning, either heading back home or to the fishing grounds.

The centre picture is one of our Canadian Coast Guard vessels, which I understand do not actually participate in the guarding of our coast as the name might imply.

The bottom picture is a large freighter with a whole load of BC logs, destined for processing elsewhere. Lumber? Pulp and Paper? There was a time a similar ship would be laden down with BC finished lumber heading for foreign markets.

Times, as they say 'are a changin'. Only time will tell if the change is for the better, but in the meantime the harbor is still an interesting place for a stroll anytime.


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