Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terminal Park Post Office Closes

Stores Victim To High Rent Increases?

What I offer here is pure speculation based upon observation and life experience.

Last summer the new owners of one part of Terminal Park Plaza undertook to give the strip mall a 'facelift'. The whole process dragged on for months and the loss of parking and blocked entrances surely cost businesses money due to lost revenue during the renovation.

Then after the work was finished and the mall returned to some form of normality, surprise, surprise the landlord jacked up the rents (perhaps as much as 40%) and at least two businesses were forced to close.

One long time fixture of this mall, the local post office. lotto/gift store was well patronized by area residents who surely miss the loss of 'their' post office.

I realize that business is business and that the almighty dollar is the only piper anyone dances to, but sometimes you just have to draw attention to the fact that even though something may be legal, does not mean it is right!


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