Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 - 10 Club Looks For Help

Gord Fuller Asks Council For Rent Relief

Gord Fuller, well known spokesman for the 7 - 10 club asked city council to consider reducing the rent the group pays for city property where they run the soup kitchen from by 50%.

Like many agencies this year they are feeling the pinch as governments scramble to manage their (our) finances. In this case a cut back in funds from gaming and a further change as to when the club does receive funding has put them in a tough spot. A cheque the club usually receives in the spring is now being postponed until Aug. One possible consideration is to close the soup kitchen for the month of July, which of course is something they don't wish to do.

The 7-10 club has been helping feed the less fortunate for 25 years now and provides a hot breakfast and bag lunch to many Nanaimo residents who find themselves needing the club's service for a variety of reasons.

Council made several recommendations to Mr. Fuller about how he may access some city funds through the grants program. Councilor Unger made the point that the Provincial government is the one to be dealing with this issue and suggested putting pressure on local government MLA Ron Cantelon to help loosen up the government purse.


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