Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City Starts Legal Action

City To Sue Millennium and Suro
Try To Recover $3,000,000.00

The City of Nanaimo has announced they have instructed lawyers to begin an action against Millennium Nanaimo Properties Ltd and Suro Development in an attempt to recover $3 million they feel the city is owed.

It was not made clear what assets of which company the city hopes to attach in the event they are successful with this lawsuit. Neither did the press release state how much money this action will cost city taxpayers regardless of the outcome.

It could come as no surprise that the assets of Millennium Nanaimo Properties consists of a rented office, desk and filing cabinet on the east coast somewhere.

This could prove an interesting test of the skill the city's legal counsel applied when drafting this contract with Millennium in the first place. 

Did this company ever have to put up a performance bond when the city engaged them to undertake this project? That is a common practice in the building business.


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  1. I think Korpan should represent the city on this case. And I think he should do it for free. He was the one who got us into this mess, he should do his little bit to help get us out.


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