Monday, June 07, 2010

Graffiti Clean Up

 Volunteers Tackle Graffiti

Approximately 60 residents turned out for the annual graffiti cleanup effort last Saturday. BC Hydro kicked in about $2500 for supplies and a variety of volunteers provided the elbow grease required.

While the efforts of this group of volunteers is great, the overall showing from a community of 80,000 is pretty pathetic, don't you think. Of course since the weather was so co-operative perhaps many people like myself took the day to do yardwork which is a beautification project a little closer to home.

Or perhaps when people see the kind of taxes they are paying, they figure the city's graffiti clean up program we are paying for should take care of the problem.

Whatever the underlying cause is, for a city of 80,000 you would think we could do better. Any suggestions for improvement?


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