Friday, June 11, 2010

Nanaimo City Staff Wages and Salaries and Benefits

66% Of Taxes 
Pay City Wages & Salaries

The financial report document posted on the city website shows that $50,720,521 is paid to city staff. This includes a pension fund payment (paid by taxpayers) of $3,468,581 and total benefit expenses of $704,533.

These wages and salaries include union and non-union city staff and firefighters, but does not include the cost of the RCMP.

To put those wages in perspective, out of every tax dollar collected in the city 66.2% is consumed by the cost of wages and benefits.

City Salaries (reported in today's Daily News)

  • Al Kenning, city manager $203,012.52
  • Andy Laidlaw, manager community services $185,975.36
  • Ted Swabey, manager development services $185,945.46
  • Jerry Berry, former city manager $180,764.26
  • Doug Holmes, assistant city manager $174,876.90
  • Per Kristensen, director information technology $146,618.73
  • Tom Hickey, director engineering/public works $143,899.24
  • Richard Harding, director parks, rec. and culture $139,845.79
  • Terry Hartley, director human resources $139,568.12
  • Andrew Tucker, director planning $137,241.39

It was not clear if these numbers also include pension contributions made by the taxpayer and the benefits also paid by the taxpayers of Nanaimo.

You can view the financial reports online at the city's website at



  1. Peter Robertson25 June 2012 at 11:24

    Salaries in public office seem high to me compared to private companies.

    Can someone please advise what percentage increases these city employees have received each year over the last 3 years.

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    1. Contact CBC market place


      Mailing Address:
      CBC News: Marketplace
      P.O. Box 500
      Toronto, Ontario
      M5W 1E6

      Telephone: 1-866-535-3786 (toll-free)

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