Monday, June 21, 2010

Nanaimo Grocery Store Specials

Weekly Grocery Specials In Nanaimo

If you can`t find this weeks grocery store flyers because maybe the wound up under your lawn sprinkler, were eaten by your new puppy or are currently lining your birdcage, you can still find out how to stretch your food dollars by checking the specials this week in your favourite stores online flyers.
This Week's Nanaimo Grocery Specials

Save On Foods 
Online Flyer Click Here
    Thrifty's Foods

    Online Flyer Click Here

     Country Grocer 
    Online Flyer Click Here
        Fairway Market 


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          1. Frozen Blueberries at Thrifty Foods - 3.6kg for $22 = $.61 per 100gr
            About 2 months ago, the same size packages was on sale for $20 -
            Still, a good deal -


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