Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seair Sign Variance Permit Stalls

Variance Permit Neither Accepted or Denied

City Council was evenly split on the matter of passing or denying a permit to allow Seair to erect a new illuminated sign.

Mr. Tim McLean of Sicon Signs presented council with reasons why Seair should be allowed to erect a new sign, the size of which is in dispute by city staff. The sign company believes that according to the city's sign bylaw the plans they have put forward do conform and a variance is not needed. However, city staff and the applicant are at a stalemate as to how the total signage area is calculated.

City Council was also at a stalemate as to how to proceed also and with the absence of Councilor McNabb who could have cast the tie breaker the issue ended without any resolution. The matter of the need for improved signage for Seair results from extensive changes that have been made with the expansion of the Brechin Boat Ramp property and the changes to the roads made by the BC Ferries over the past year or so.

Council's inability to resolve the matter, effectively has the same result as if they had supported the staff suggestion to deny the application, as the company still does not have approval to proceed.
Council seemed unwilling to enter the debate as to whether staff's method of calculation is correct or whether the applicant's method is correct.

Seair is located at 1956 Zorkin Road and offers daily air service from Nanaimo to Vancouver Airport seven days per week. To view their schedule use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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