Monday, June 07, 2010

Seal Not On Menu Today

 Smart Seal Foils Orcas
This picture and story appearing in today's Times Colonist shows a clever seal perched on the jet of the Clipper ferry to avoid joining local Orcas for lunch.

Apparently a pod of transient killer whales were too close for comfort and this was the second time the harbour seal had taken refuge aboard a boat in the area.

The first time the seal avoided the dinner bell by jumping on the motor of a whale watching zodiac in the area. After the killer whales had given up, the seal jumped back into the water only to find himself on the menu one more time.

His second bid for survival came shortly thereafter, when once again the killers were on his tail. Crews on board the Clipper tried to get the seal to leave, but he wasn't going anywhere for about twenty minutes, at which time he once again returned to the water.

The whales by now had left the immediate area and it appears this wily seal has a story to tell when he gets home!


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