Monday, June 14, 2010

Standing On Principle Or Savvy Politics

Resigning Over HST 
Good Political Move?
Last week Blair Lekstrom made the BC news by resigning as B.C.'s minister of energy, mines and petroleum resources and also by leaving the Liberal caucus. It is reported his decision was made over a fundamental disagreement with the BC Liberals on the HST.

This was the first public sign of cracks within the Liberal party over the much despised HST, the current government sprung on BC residents after an election where the HST was never even mentioned.

The above article in today's Globe and Mail (read here) says that he has been welcomed by the people in his home town of Dawson Creek as a hero for his stand on the HST and decision to leave the Liberal party.

He is certain to get elected come next election with an almost 97% approval rating in a poll taken by the local news paper.

An interesting quote from the story in the Globe coming from Lekstrom:

“Up here, your word is your bond. … You don’t say one thing and then go and do something else,” he said. “That makes people mad, and when they get mad up here, they don’t just sit at home. They get out and do something.”

Perhaps if the rest of us did more than sit at home and complain, the political climate in the province might just change. For that matter it could even change in local politics also.


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