Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Really Chose The HST?

Did Gordon Campbell & Colin Hansen
Really Call The Shots?

Or Are They Just Obeying Their 'Masters'?

Or is the government simply so desperate for money, and they can't stop spending, which leaves them little choice.

If business thinks this is a great tax, you can bet the average taxpayer is not going to agree in the long run. Will it create more jobs, by making the province more business friendly? If so, then why not simply reduce corporate taxes?

The question of whether or not your elected officials are really the ones calling the shots is worth pondering, as I am seriously beginning to doubt that elected officials are anything more than puppets on some body's string.

If you are 'right' wing in the province, business is pulling your string. If you are 'left' wing in the province then big labour is calling the shots.

Which begs the question, is anybody really looking out for the average taxpayer, who in the end is the one footing the bill for this whole show.


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