Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classic Albums Live at Port Theatre

 ABBEY ROAD: Classic Albums Live

Thursday, September 30th   7:30 pm

“We want people to be sent back to that time when they were in their basements with the album open in front of them spinnin’ on a turntable, and we just want to trigger that memory – that whole feeling” ~ Craig Martin

Craig Martin, founder of Classic Albums Live project,was bitten by the music bug early on. Growing up in Scarborough, Toronto, he started his first band in the second grade. Infatuated with The Beatles, he got his hands on a copy of the Beatles’ Help record.

Classic Albums Live faithfully recreates the entire album live – note for note, cut for cut – in all its glory. The high level of musicianship required to recreate Abbey Road led Mr. Martin to bring together a bandof hand-picked professional musicians. Classic Albums Live will do “whatever it takes to present the shows to the audience…   youhave to know the album like it’s part of your DNA. We crawl inside the record.” “We don’t dress up,” Martin emphasizes. “The wigs, the costumes – it gets in the way of the music.”

Released in 1969, Abbey Road is one of the most successful Beatles albums ever. Rolling Stone magazine named it the 14th greatest album of all time.

1.2 Side one
1.2.1 "Come Together"
1.2.2 "Something"
1.2.3 "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
1.2.4 "Oh! Darling"
1.2.5 "Octopus's Garden"
1.2.6 "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"
1.3 Side two
1.3.1 "Here Comes the Sun"
1.3.2 "Because"
1.3.3 Medley
1.3.4 "Her Majesty"

Tickets $35 /Members $31 / Students $15 /  $5


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