Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Nanaimo Drivers Liked Being Hosed ??

Duncan BC Gas Price Sept. 6, 2010
Nanaimo Drivers Paying 1.13 / Litre
.07 / L or .27 / gal. More Than Duncan

In spite of the fact that crude oil prices are half what they were when we were paying $1.50 / L Nanaimo drivers are still paying through the nose for gasoline. We have been for months but seem quite content to just suck it up at the pumps when we fill up.

Local media does not seem to think it is an issue either and all the noise when gas went over $1.00 / Litre is no longer heard from either drivers or 'news' media.

We aren't even worthy to be called 'hissing geese' we have to be the most 'roll over' bunch of humans on the planet.

Pay an ex city manager half a million dollars to do nothing? Ho hum, I guess that's the way it is!

Lie about the HST? I guess that is OK, just don't do it again. 

Overcharge for gas at the pumps while oil companies are making obscene profits ..... that's OK too. 

After all we are Canadian, and we don't get fussy about much anyway. Has anyone checked to see if we are still breathing?

NOTE Price Drop

Now that the long weekend is over, and the oil giants have gouged as much as they can on a long weekend, they have dropped the Nanaimo price by 2 cents a litre today!


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