Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nanaimo Flag In Afghanistan

Brian Bishop Raises Flag at Camp Nathan Smith in Afghanistan
In July, 2010 Mayor and Council proudly participated in the "Flag Project" sending a City of Nanaimo flag to the Kandahar Reconstruction Team working in Afghanistan to show our support and encouragement.

The above photo shows the flag being raised at Camp Nathan Smith in Afghanistan. Brian Bishop, who is shown raising the flag said, " It is a great reminder of home and brings a smile to my face. Thanks again and all my best from Camp Nathan Smith, Afghanistan."


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  1. The Operation Nanaimo-Gram Committee is thrilled that our books and flags reached the troops in Afghanistan.
    The guy at City Hall got the info(in the 1st paragraph)wrong.Please permit me to correct it as follows-
    "Operation Nanaimo-Gram, organized by the Vancouver Island Military Museum in cooperation with the Mayor and Council ran from March to May, 2010 . In June, the Committee sent over 7,000 greetings from Nanaimoites to Canadian troops in Afghanistan and a city of Nanaimo flag(signed by most city clubs and organizations) to Canadian troops in Afghanistan .Nanaimo residents were unified in showing their support and encouragement. The flag in this photo will eventually be signed by Canadian soldiers and sent back to us for display at the Museum."
    Thanks,Will Frankling,Chair Operation Nanaimo-Gram


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