Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nanaimo Spends $10,000 Putting Food On The Table

Local Groups Benefit 
From Community Service Grants

City Council approved recommendations that saw three local groups receive funding to help with their work of feeding Nanaimo's needy.

Nanaimo Community Kitchens Society received $2,000 and had requested $3,000. Loaves and Fishes Food Bank received the requested $4,000 and the Nanaimo 7-10 Club also received their requested amount of $4,000.

According to their website the Nanaimo Community Kitchen's purpose is:

A community kitchen is a group of people who get together on a regular basis to cook healthy, nutritious, meals. From recipe selection, to shopping, cooking, and clean-up, everyone participates. Within the groups, participants find fun, friendships, and the tools to stretch heir food dollars. The Quantity of food that is prepared is divided among group members to take home. You can visit their website using this LINK.

According to their website the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank's purpose is:

Our Mission Statement: To provide God’s unconditional love as we nourish the body and soul in a safe, friendly atmosphere.
Our Food Program helps feed the hungry of Nanaimo, providing survival rations consisting of a combination of five to seven non-perishable items selected to meet the basic nutritional guidelines.  Since we opened our doors, the people of Nanaimo, through their churches, businesses, service clubs and individually as donors and volunteers, have generously contributed time, energy, financial support, donations and vision to help feed those in need. Because of this help, we were able to provide 43,855 food bags in 2009 to those in need. You can visit their website using this LINK.

According to their website the Nanaimo 7 - 10 Club's purpose is:


The Nanaimo 7-10 Club Society was started in 1985 by a group of 12 people from differing faith backgrounds who came together to feed hungry children in the city. Since then, the 7-10 Club has served more than one million meals, not only to children, but also to anyone in need.

The 7-10 Club Meal Program provides a hot nutritious breakfast, homemade soup, plus a brown bag lunch to go that is served by community volunteers to those in need during the hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. All meals are offered at no charge. You can visit their website by using this LINK.

Comment: Kudos to city council for spending tax dollars on a very basic need. Whether that responsibility should fall to municipal government is an argument for another day. This week the city spent $10,000 helping some people keep body and soul together, and it seems like only last week they spent $40,000 on a bike path to nowhere. Go figure!


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