Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Prime Minister Harper Visits Nanaimo

Prime Minster Visits Nanaimo

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today visited the site of the Nanaimo cruise ship terminal to highlight the Government’s support for this major construction project that will boost tourism, create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

“The business that cruise liners will bring with them will ensure the health and strength of tourism in the Nanaimo region for years to come,” Prime Minister Harper said during a tour of the construction site.  “Like other mid-island projects we have supported, this important project has been funded through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, which is creating jobs now while providing lasting benefits to communities.”

When completed, the new terminal in the Nanaimo Assembly Wharf area will have a floating dock capable of handling major cruise ships. This will enable the largest ships on the West Coast cruise routes to dock in the city, bringing more tourists to Nanaimo and increasing regional economic activity.

“During this global recession, Canada has been doing significantly better than other advanced countries,” the Prime Minister added.  “But we must remain focused on the economy and on jobs.  If we stay on course and continue to make strategic investments like this one, we will continue to lay the foundation for Canada’s strong performance in the world economy of the future.”

In partnership with the province of British Columbia, the Government is supporting the Nanaimo cruise ship terminal through its Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF), part of Canada's Economic Action Plan.  The ISF supports provincial, territorial, municipal and community infrastructure projects that are construction-ready.

Comment: Maybe Ottawa is finally realizing there actually exists a Canada outside of Ontario and Quebec. :^) A few weeks ago the Liberal leader stopped in town, and now today no less than the Prime Minister himself! Surprised Mr. Layton hasn't found a reason to stop by, as Nanaimo has always shown his party strong support.


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